To register with Yoga Alliance International as a Children’s Yoga Teacher you must have completed as part of your curriculum or as an additional component of the 200hr-500hr or above existing qualification the following training hours: General Background in the Specialty Area (10 hours) 10 contact hours

Yoga fundamentals:Yoga and meditation and how to present them to kids. The study and understanding of all childhood developmental stages from age 2-16 and what is appropriate for teaching them.Principles of traditional yoga themes, poses, games, partner yoga, breathing exercises and relaxation techniques. Age appropriate application along with specific “do’s” and “do not’s” for yoga with children. Behaviour management techniques that support a positive, non-competitive environment.

Techniques Training/Practice (20 hours) 20 contact hours Breathing techniques to calm, energize, and balance the nervous system, specific exercises to help kids transition between activities, yoga-based practices appropriate for child development and age, asanas, asana-based movement, breathing techniques, meditation and relaxation techniques..

Teaching Methodology (10 hours) 15 contact hours Includes knowledge of classroom techniques, how to lesson plan, sequence and lead fun, creative and educational yoga classes.Ideas for incorporating art, music, books. Age-appropriate teaching skills for yoga class techniques (including effective communication skills). Developing a yoga class that is fun, safe, effective and engaging.How to make yoga philosophy accessible to teens.

Anatomy and Physiology (8 hours) 10 contact hours Anatomy and physiology related to changes during child development. Application of yoga techniques for children age 2-16.Study of anatomy and physiology and application of its principles to yoga practice (benefits, contraindications, correct movements).

Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyle & Ethics for Children?s Yoga Teachers (12 hours) 12 contact hours Basic yoga principles as they relate to children age 2-16.

Teaching children principles of yoga (Yamas, Niyamas, non-violence and karma yoga). Health and Safety guidelines whilst teaching children.

Ethical behavior requirements as related to supervision and working with children. Basics of ethical language and behavior, both when parents or guardians are present and when they are not. Total: 60 hours